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Mass Effect/After Earth Chronicles: ANN News-Sanctions Blocked


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ANN News Desk

From Alliance News Desk on the Citadel

June 1, 2196

Sanctions Blocked

by Amita Quita

PRESIDIUM, CITADEL-Anonymous sources with links to the Council report that the Turian and Human councilors blocked an attempt by Councilor Tevos to impose financial sanctions on Thompson-Ramos Security Services, a security contractor with multiple contracts on the Verge and throughout the Terminus systems in the wake of a recent battle in the Imri system. ANN information partners have secured footage of TR Security warships engaging unknown ships near the system’s mass relay. Our experts claim that the unknown vessels are similar to the type of armed transports used by pirates throughout the Terminus systems. Representatives for the company have yet to make a statement on the recent battle and the company’s extranet page lists its CEO, Theodore Thompson-Ramos, on an extended leave of absence.

In other news, a new batarian political group, the Batarian Assembly, has petition the Council for recognition and aid. Their extranet site claims that the group goal is to rebuild Khar’Shan free of the influence of the old Hegemony. Their slogan is, “A Free World For A Free People!” The Council has offered no official response to this request, but representatives for the Turian and Human government released a joint statement in which, “We hope to reestablish links with the batarian community and hope to see the batarian restored to their rightful place in the galactic community.”



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