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TV Tropes: Mass Effect/AEC From T – W


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So here is the final installment of tropes found in the Mass Effect: After Earth Chronicles series. As always, this post contains spoilers for the Mass Effect series and the After Earth Chronicles Terminus Campaign. Feel free to check out the story here , then come back and see if the tropes fit.

Tropes T – W

  • Take Cover: A necessity when the enemy is shooting at you with combat gunships. Even then, a biotic barrier does come in handy once in awhile.
  • Taught by Experience: All the key characters have years of experience in their chosen field. Part of their job is taking said experience and using it to train others.
  • Technology Porn: All over the place: advance ships, omni-tools, mechs, and so on. Theo being a tech focused character (Infiltrator) helps.
  • Theme Naming: Almost everything in the universe of ME has a theme going. The ships under Theo’s command are named after Greek heroes/mythological creatures as are Cerberus units (starting with the name of the organization). Also counts as a shout out to such sci-fi series as Macross/Robotech and Babylon 5. The first location in the story is named after an upper plane from AD&D/D&D mythos as is the system, Arvandor, in which it is found.
  • Translation Convention: Played with. Everyone in universe has translators, which are constantly updated, so everyone appears to speak in English, but species like the hanar still have peculiar forms of speech that are difficult to follow even with a translator.
  • Translation Microbes: Everyone in-universe uses translators.
  • Tribal Face Paint: Rodan’s sports a silver/platinum face paint that is somewhat reflective.
  • Trojan Horse: The tactic used by Theo to smuggle a legion of Blood Pack mercenaries past the Omega 4 relay and into Avernus station. The gambit includes the opening the doors of the fortress to reinforcements by unlocking the relay once they seize control of key systems.
  • True Companions: The command crew doesn’t balk at Theo’s orders, regardless of how crazy or unconventional they seem. Same goes for the crew of the Kursk.
  • Unobtaium: Element Zero powers almost every physics breaking device, from artificial gravity/anti-grav to FTL.
  • Virtual Ghost: The essence of Nemesis/Eva Coré (in the abandoned Cerberus facility on Noveria) and Cerberus/Illusive Man in Avernus station. Theo points out that while a virtual ghost is a shortcut to creating AIs, emulating the memories and personality of the original takes up a significant amount of computing power making it inferior to true AI like the geth.
  • We Will Use Lasers in the Future: Largely averted. Due to mass effect tech, projectile weapons dominate the battlefield.
  • Why Don’t You Just Shoot Him?: Averted/Subverted. That is exactly what Theo does the moment he spots the Illusive Man in his office on Avernus station. The hologram didn’t even flinch.


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