Space for Rent: The Conversation Never Ends



(NSFW due to language)


Done with the video? Good. Jim brings a good point about dealing with gender issues, or for that matter any socially divisive issue, especially in creative circles, be it game design, literature or media.  But it is not as simple as exchange a couple of emails and you’re done.

Far from it.

It is, has to be an ongoing conversation.

A never ending conversation.

It is the only way we can evolve as people and societies. The moment we categorize something as settled or done, it will slid back. I have mentioned this before, but we have to shake the notion that society always moves forward in an ever improving arc. Human history has shown that sexual mores, roles, identities and standards of acceptable/encouraged behavior are all over the place.

Because always be the countervailing assumption that everything is fine and nothing needs to change. The assumption made by those who benefit from the status quo, whatever that may be.

Nor is change for change sake a good thing.

Thus the conversations.

We need to talk, discuss, engage, analyze and above else understand these issues and how they affect all of us.

Because they do affect all us.

So keep on talking.



2 comments on “Space for Rent: The Conversation Never Ends

  1. Totally agree. These representations are, whatever anyone says, deeply offensive to women, but we are not naive enough to imagine that complaining about it will change anything. We have fought for millennia to get to where we are now, but the great tsunami of social media means that boundaries are a thing of the past. We are forced to bow to the most common denominator, the weight of everyman’s opinion. And clearly, there just aren’t enough game designers- and consumers- out there who will fight womens’ corner.


    • But keeping the conversation going pushes all boats forward, so to speak. It is to us, consumers, not only of games, but all kind of media to vote with our wallets. That is the way to move things along.


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