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TV Tropes Monday: Deal with the Devil

Tweet of the Day: The Duck Sanctuary at no. 17


This trope is  as old as…the Devil himself. The deal can be with a demon, godling, wizard, or Da’ Devil himself.  A imple trade, your soul for whatever your heart desires, just sign on the dotted line, don’t mind the blood. This is a plot and character trope. On the plot side it is an easy set up for entire plots usually involving how to get out of the deal. On the character side when, why and what for are great indications of the real nature of a character. An altruistic character may willingly sell his soul to save another, while a selfish one might do it for power. Then again, what seems altruistic, like saving the life of a love one, might be purely based on selfish desire while the quest of power might be for the greater good.

The one rule about this trope all participants should remember is that the Devil gives the best bargains but accepts no refunds.


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