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Weekend Roundup: April 21-27


Tweet of the Day: The Littlest PA: A Story of a Middle Child


Good news everybody!

Ahem, I am now the newest contributor to Koobismo.com ( link to first article here ) a game fan sight made by fans and game designers alike. I sent a couple of game related re-prints to them and I am working on original material as we speak. I’m also knee deep in creating what I call FAS or Fantasy Action System, a set of rules for a fantasy pencil & paper RPG. Nothing extremely complex, but it does take quite a bit of brain power at the moment. Which means other areas of my writing have taken a back seat. But don’t worry, once I purge that side of my brain of its crazy ideas I’ll be back to form.

Until then let us see what this week brought us:

Short and sweet. Hope to see you around the interwebs! 😀


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