Mass Effect/AEC Chaper 11:Memories


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Thompson-Ramos Private Residence, Sagan Bay, Bekenstein, Boltzmann, Serpent Nebula, April 23, 2196

The hammock swayed on the gentle night breeze that blew from Sagan’s Bay. It was a rare break from work; planning attack/defense scenarios, intelligence gathering, resource allocation. I put down the datapad on the table beside the hammock. The smell of the sea reminded me of distant, simpler times, of family gatherings by the shores of the Caribbean, or walks with Helena along English Bay and of flirting with Miranda on Mr. Taylor’s balcony over Lake Katarn.


Helena held a special place in my thoughts, a glimpse into a past unsullied by conflict. Miranda represented something else. What that was I still did not know. It explained why we hadn’t talked in months. We sent messages, a collection of greetings and updates, each a reminder of the distance between us.

I knew about her past with Cerberus, about Shepard’s resurrection, the Collectors and Sanctuary.

She knew about Torfan, Helena, and Earth.

About the order.

Kill’em all….

At that moment I wanted nothing more than to have her here beside me. I wanted her devilish smile. My hand wrapped around her waist, my lips on her neck. I missed the fragrance of her dark locks and that Lawson wicked sense of humor that kept me on my toes. Fragments of far away nights came to mind. Nights locked in each other embrace. Time did not matter then…

…only us.

But the universe didn’t work that way. She had a colony to run. I had to find what a bunch of religious zealots were up to and stop them.

We both had our jobs.

We both had our duty.

But was it so bad to dream of a new life?

Right now, I had memories and glimmer of hope for the future. I picked up the datapad and started a new message:

To: Miranda Lawson, MirandaLaw@Horizon.gov

From: Theodore Thompson-Ramos, TTR@BekenstienNet.com

Hi! Sorry I haven’t called….

2 comments on “Mass Effect/AEC Chaper 11:Memories

  1. I’m a sucker for happy ending. Or a happy middle, anyway…


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