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TV Tropes Monday: Hotter and Sexier


Tweet of the Day: Writing Excuses 8.15:  Narrative Rhythm


Want to show that your work is for grown ups, move it Premium Cable and show more tits and ass. Welcome to Hotter and Sexier-land with more serving of T&A per minute than anywhere else. Not a bad thing, unless you equate maturity with sex. That is problem number one with this trope, since many times ramping up the sex quota or simply playing up the titillation ends up having the opposite effect.

The second problem, is that using can lead to a radical theme shift, so radical in fact, that a work can jump into another genre entirely. Take Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance and Science Fiction/Sci-Fi Romance. What started as stories with minor romantic sub-plots spawned new genres where romance has an equal share or dominates the plot.

Mind you, this only applies to stories who subsequent telling shifted the emphasis to sex or sexual themes, not new works that start with an sensual/erotic theme to begin with.



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