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Mass Effect/After Earth Chronicles: ANN News-Disaster on Wrill


ANN News Desk

From Alliance News Desk on the Citadel

April 22, 2196

Disaster on Wrill

By Amita Quita

PRESIDIUM, CITADEL-Representatives from the Krogan Confederacy are demanding swift action from the Citadel Council in the wake of a nuclear attack on the settlement of Gita in the planet Wrill. Seismic and orbital sensors recorded an explosion in excess of fifty kilotons (50kt) at ground level. The explosion occurred during a meeting between ambassadors from the Confederacy and leaders of local Krogan clans. The meeting was part of larger diplomatic effort by the Confederacy to bring more krogans into its sphere of influence under a political agreement struck with the Council that recognizes the Confederacy as the representative of the krogan in galactic affairs in exchange for a tight population control scheme.

Early casualty estimates put the dead at over fifteen thousand krogan and vorcha living within the Gita’s city limit. In addition to the death of civilians and krogan leaders a Council observer, Dialo Amin also perished in the attack. The death of Amin shook not only the Citadel diplomatic corps, but also brought an angry response from Tarkugan Clan Chief Turtman:

“Dalio Amin was a friend of Clan Tarkugan and a member of my krantt. I will personally send to the Void whoever is behind this. I swear it by clan and krantt!”

Dialo Amin earned a Star of Terra, as well as Clan Tarkugan’s loyalty, by his dogged defense of  a Tarkugan’s troop transport en route to Terra Nova. Amin downed three Oculi before ramming a fourth that made a run at the transport. Amin ejected from his fighter and joined the krogan ground side. He impressed the krogan by his willingness to fight along side them armed with nothing more than a heavy pistol.

In response to the Confederay’s demands the Citadel Council authorized a full investigation into the matter. Councilor Sparatus offered his condolences and pledged  that, “Those responsible for this heinous crime will be brought to swift and irrevocable justice.”

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