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Mass Effect/AEC:Alliance News Network- ELO Hits the Citadel

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ANN Entertainment News

April 15, 2196

ELO Hits the Citadel

by Lourdes Chadacón

TAYSERI WARD, CITADEL– Ten thousand fans of the hanar stand up comedian who goes by his soul name “Enjoys the Laughter of Others” packed the Dilinaga Concert Hall. The hanar comedian from the colony of Rough Tide, and known to its fans as ELO, has shaken the Citadel entertainment scene with a mix of topical comedy turning every cliche about hanar culture on its head with a combination of topical humor, acerbic language and incisive pop cultural observations that fit all members of its multi-species  audience. In the words of one Asari poetess, “ELO’s mastery of satirical language would make Sophita T’Lene (a famous writer of comedic/erotic poetry ca. 575 BCE) both peel with laughter and turn ten shades of blue.”

However, ELO’s public irreverence and the use of its soul name as its face name has cause a lot of consternation among the hanar community living in the Citadel as well as multiple protest from the Hanar Illuminated Primacy and the Hanar Anti-Defamation League.  One hanar diplomat, who chose to speak to ANN off the record said, “We do not speak of it.” The Hanar Anti-Defamation League elcor representative hired to answer all ELO related questions was fired moments after his first interview:

<Video of Interview>

“Respectfully, the hanar are deeply offended by the manner in which the artists in question has misrepresented their society and customs.”

<The elcor receives a message on its omni-tool>

“Joyfully, I have secured balcony seats for ELO’s next show.”

Rumors about death threats from enrage hanar abound but C-Sec e-crimes officer Lattia A’uril announced that, “We analyzed  several zetabytes of messages directed at the artist’s public addresses but the language was so polite that none of them rose above the level of sincere disgust.”

ELO’s “Earth: Too Dry To Be Called Water” tour starts on May 2nd. All tickets to the Mars, Luna and Earth shows have already sold out.


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