Space for Rent: I find your lack of humility disturbing

Tweet of the Day: A Postcard from the Zone of Alienation



And your arrogance is abhorrent.

Sorry, let me provide a little context:

Someone needs an attitude check, stat!

Okay,you could be forgiven for dismissing this as simply another Micro$oft drone speaking from the usual orifice. Yet another example of mental diarrhea that pools all over social media. Except that when you factor in the disaster that was Diablo III and SimCity always online game launches, the dismissive if not outright insulting attitude from EA/BioWare about the Mass Effect ending and a host of bad business practices across the gaming industry, you start seeing a pattern that goes something like this:

“Silence peons! Do not question thy Masters! Buy, Buy, BUY!”

Which is surprising when you realize that gaming is a consumer driven market and that it has a long history littered with companies that simply failed to live to expectations. This is a market that saw at least one (if not two) major crashes in its infancy, is full of promising platforms that never made a dent in the market and that is just when companies are at least trying to do the right thing.

In recent years we have had: PSN hacked, the 360 red ring of death and the fall of THQ, among other things. You can not blame all of this on consumer dissatisfaction, in fact the first two example show how companies can, by careful application of good consumer policies, bounce back from dire situations.

Yet, the more warnings are handed to the industry in silver platters, the more the industry throws a tantrum or descends into a vicious cycle of recrimination, obfuscation and dismissal. Dismissal, I may add, of the very consumers that buy your products. As some of the following tweets from Mr. Orth’s chums suggest (the use of the word “fanboy” is telling), it may well be that he, and they are trapped in their own bubble and simply (and genuinely) fail to see what is wrong with the industry.

I wonder why?

Can fans be erratic if not downright trollish? Yes.

Do they have the tendency to overact? Definitely.

Does the industry, backed by loyal fans, have a problem with women? Yep!

Is the solution to give in to every trivial want or demand from the fan base? No.

Still, the isolation, the ignorance, the sheer unadulterated arrogance shown by people like Mr. Orth will only hurt the industry.

It will, in the long run, hurt the bottom line. Good luck selling that to your investors.


2 comments on “Space for Rent: I find your lack of humility disturbing

  1. That is incredible arrogance. Horrendous when corporations see themselves as invincible.


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