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Mass Effect/AEC Chapter 10: Employers

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Hanar Trading Station 314, First Land, Relic System, Eagle Nebula, April 18, 2186

A drell met us on the docking bay.

“Welcome to First Land, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Mr. Androchinus. Please, come this way, my employer is waiting for you,” he said in a raspy common to the drell although his had a higher pitch than Mr. Aten’s.

Mr. Androchinus guided us through the station. The hallways were made of transparent material suspended in a gigantic water tank. Hanar swam about, alone or in small groups or congregated near colorful rock formations. One floated near a wall, lights flickered through its body as it conversed with a drell on the other side.

“Now I know how a fish feels,”I said. Mr. Androchinus glanced over his shoulder. “No offense.”

“None taken. “It takes time for land based sentients to get used to living in spaces designed primarily for the hanar. Here we are,” he said.

He pointed to an apartment door. It led to a large foyer with two other doors, one to right of the entrance, the other opposite to it. It lacked furniture or decorations except for a large sofa.”

“Please wait here. Our employer will be with you in just a moment. Mr. Aten, if you please,” he went through door to the right with Mr. Aten in tow.

The moment the drell left I whispered to Pasha, “Utah.”

He nodded. Mr. Androchinus returned ten minutes later.

“Right this way,” he walked though the second door.

This room was larger and contained several desks with consoles on them. A curtain covered the large window on the back wall. A hanar floated toward us.

“This one asks forgiveness for making its guest wait so long,” it said. “This one responds to the name Ariak, and it is an honored representative of the Illuminated Primacy’s security services.”

“Thank you Ariak. We hope not to intrude upon your hospitality any longer than absolutely necessary,” I said adopting the hanar’s tone.

Where in First Land….

“Thank you,” said Mr. Androchinus, “Please take a seat and let us get down to business. This matter, as you might have guess, is of grave concern to the Illuminated Primacy. We find ourselves in a very difficult situation.”

“Which is?” I asked.

“A small yet pernicious cult of heretics have carried out certain actions which have compromised the safety and security of the Primacy,” he said.

“Such as?” I asked.

“Some violent acts such a sabotage of key infrastructure nodes, aggressive protests, and defacing of holy sites. We had some difficulty in quelling this heresy. I am glad to say that most of the hanar involved are now in custody waiting rehabilitation.

“That does not explain the connection between the hanar and the batarians.”

“This particular heresy posits that the Reapers,” the hanar shook from side to side, “are the true power in the universe and should be worshiped as such. We believe that they came about this perversion through contact with batarians. What were once benign cultural and economic exchanges with the them served as ta conduit for poisonous ideas which infected the minds of innocent hanar. They in turn funneled a large amount of credits to the batarians to further this heresy.”

“How much?”

Mr. Androchinus looked at Ariak, “The investigation into that matter is still ongoing. However, we are prepared to give you what we discovered about the cult’s contacts in Citadel space with one condition.”

“Which is?”

“As I said, this matter has put the Primacy in a difficult situation. If word were to spread about this heresy it would harm hanar interest though out the galaxy. Therefore we require your assurances that you will not mentioned where or how you received this information to anyone.”

“I don’t see a need mention the Primacy’s interest in this matter,” I said.

“Then we shall provide you with what we have on the subject,” Andronichus transferred the files with possible contacts and locations through the Terminus systems plus a handful of names, most of them batarians. “We again apologize for interfering with your operation, colonel. We wish you good luck and good hunting.”

“This is far more than we could have hoped for. Again we thank you for your help and hospitality,” I said.

“This one hopes the hunt for the heretics is a swift and successful one,” said Ariak.

Back on the shuttle Pasha spoke up, “Utah found something very interesting, sir.”


“It couldn’t find soul names to match the accounts but several hanar groups transferred over seven hundred million credits to Had’dah’s businesses over the last five years. And it doesn’t match anything on Had’dah’s personal accounts or his businesses,” he said.

“That can buy you a lot, like mercenaries, gunships and more,” he said.

“There is more. News reports that indicate further terrorist attacks on hanar holy sites and infrastructure throughout hanar space. Almost all the data points to hacking of expert VI systems,” said Pasha.

“Expert VI systems?”

“AI, sir.”

“The Council may look the other way when it comes to the Geth, but I doubt they would the same for the hanar,” said Galeena.

“This is bigger than I thought. Galeena, Pasha, run down every single lead, call every contact, I want to know what the hell is going on here. Understood?”

“Yes sir,” said Galeena.

The moment we landed on the Daedalus I headed straight fro the QEC.



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