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Mass Effect/After Earth Chronicles: ANN Headlines News Now-Terminus Gripped by Chaos

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ANN Headlines Now

April 19, 2196

Terminus Gripped by Chaos

By Iris Dunnigan

MILGROM, BEKENSTEIN- Majors spasms of violence have hit multiple worlds in the Terminus systems. While criminal activity is rampant in this sector of the galaxy, it has not seen this surge in conflict in years:

  • Terceo: Aid workers found the bodies of over three hundred batarias in a shallow pit at the edge of a refugee camp. Reports from survivors indicate that batarian death squads rounded up “traitors”, force them to dig the pit and executed them. Many of the bodies had placards around their necks with the words, “We shall rise from Dark Spaces” written on them. The workers found fifty seven children and teens among the dead.
  • Chav: The world’s third largest city, Jarvis, entered its eight day of rioting as gangs of human youths attacked alien owned business with home made incendiaries. The latest round of violence was triggered by the ritual murder and decapitation of a human couple over a week ago. Extranet messages from rioters blame the police for the lack of protection of humans in the colony. Graffiti sporting the logo, “Neo-Terra” appeared in many stores looted by the rioters. The colonial authority have sent militia reinforcements backed by Elcor heavy units into the city to stem the violence. Alliance investigators denied any connection between the riots and the terrorist group Neo-Terra. Neo-Terra took responsibility for a series of murders of alien nationals on Earth during the last ten years.
  • Vortun: Galactic markets reacted to the news of the murder of Tillian Kol, head of the Vortun Platinum Trading Ltd. with a run on platinum. Tillain Kol was found shot dead in his mansion on the Valley-High suburbs of Vortun’s capital. Local police spokesperson Amanda Balin said, “We will not comment on an ongoing investigation. It is up to the Colonial Prosecutor to decide which details will be released to the public.”
  • Korlus: Fighting rages across the planet as factions from the defunct Blue Suns mercenary company vie for control of key sectors in the southern hemisphere. The fighting started eighteen months ago when a batarian lead faction claimed control of former Blue Suns territory. Turian and human factions repelled the initial assault but banded with the invaders against a wave of tank bred krogan who attacked their combined flank. The truce ended when the turian and human leaders joined the krogan against the invading batarians.

Diplomatic sources on the Citadel fear that these inter-species conflicts will spill over into Citadel worlds with mix populations of locals and war refugees. They also fear further disruptions to Citadel space markets if the flow of raw materials suffer further disruptions. Many Citadel worlds are still rebuilding from the carnage of the Reaper Invasion of 2186.

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