Sunday Treat: Who Were the Vikings?

Tweet of the Day: Why do you need to know that?


Part 1 of another excellent BBC documentary. Too bad that some of the comments in the youtube page are so ignorant and racist, but it seems that the lure of the Viking attracts many:


4 comments on “Sunday Treat: Who Were the Vikings?

  1. I think I’ve seen that documentary. I’ll have to re-watch it. If I recall, it was very well done. Thanks for posting.

    I’m surprised to see it YouTube, though. Does BBC does post to YouTube? I don’t watch too many videos on YouTube, though, for the reason you hinted at: too many trolls.


    • I’ve seen quite a few docs on YouTube, from the BBC (although posted by others). And the BBC has its own channel although it is mostly for adverts.


  2. Great post. I love York: must potter up there again soon. And Einstein in the slippers: you made my day, Rafael.


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