March 2013 Blog Chain: The Leprechaun’s Confession

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Almost but not quite done with this month, we still have a Blog Chain to post:

This month’s prompt: What the Leprechaun Said Yep, it’s March. The theme is one of general St. Patrick-ness, so don’t worry if you’re not comfortable with writing fantasy creatures like the ‘Chauns. Instructions: Simply post your blog’s URL in this thread to join. Each post should be less than 1000 words if possible. Read and comment on other participants’ posts if you possibly can–they’ll be doing the same for you!


Law and Order.

It is what I do, what we all do. We don’t do it to catch the bad guys or help the helpless. We do it to keep things orderly. To make sure Gran can sip her tea with her friends in the afternoon without a worry about hoodlums crashing into her house in the middle of the day. So that MR. Broker can walk the streets with satchels full of cash without looking over his shoulder. And so that the Mayor can claim he runs the most peaceful village in all Scotireland.

But the brighter the light, the deeper the shadows. Thugs, ne’er-do-wells and scum live in those shadows. Right where they belong. But sometimes, sometimes the crawl out at the worst times. It might be a ugly bar fight at Mackee’s or a stabbing on an alleyway or something else, something ugly, unseemly and disorderly.

And for some reason the Leprechaun is always there, just faffing about the place.  That’s not his real name, of course. They call him that because his short but not too short. You can’t call him dwarf on account that the Little People don’t like that, and if the real Dwarfs heard you say it, you might end up wearing your lips as a collar.

If you are  lucky that is.

But back to Patrick, that is his god given name. The Bobbies found him leaning against the wall in McDuff’s basement. The D’s, as they are known, run the gambling in town, or they used to until they decided to knife each other. But Patrick didn’t have a mark or stain, no bruise or scratch.

Just a single gold coin.

So they brought me in, the village only investigator to see what happened.

Patrick spins the coin on the table while I ask him questions.  It catches the light from the light bulb above. Round and round it goes.

“You like the coin, don’tcha?”

“I like to know where you got it, Patty.”

He smiles, like a wee babe, “Always had it.”

“Is that so?”

“The thing about gold, detective, is that is useless. Sure, its shiny, but pure gold, does nothing but sit there. It weighs too much to be carried easily, to malleable to take  a hit, but people sure go crazy for it.”

“Do you know why that is?”

“It’s not the gold, not really. It’s what it represents. Mostly power. It gets people to do things, even though everybody wants it for the same reason and so run around like nutters to get it from everybody else. Loony, ain’t it?”

“I suppose so.”

He looks up, “But you don’t want it, do you. You don’t care for it. Nice to have, but you don’t want any handouts. You’re not the kind of man who likes things for free. Too clever by far, and right you are.”

“Is there a point to this, Patrick.”

“Not really, except that I’m just the carrier, the giver. I have the gold and give it to who ever wants it. But it is their greed that always does them in. I have all the gold in the world and can do nothing but give it away but the moment I do, all hells break loose. I am the Chaos to your Order, detective and in a minute I’ll be free.”

“I don’t think so, Pat-” a knock on the door interrupts my flow of words.

A Bobbie  peers in, “Sir, orders from the Chief, no charges for this one.”


Patrick smiles again, snatches the coin and whistles on his merry way.  In the morning I get a call. There is a “problem” in the Mayor’s home. A problem consisting of silk bed sheets tied tightly around the Mayor’s broken neck. The wife confesses that she found a gold coin in his clothes.

“That cheating bastard!” she cries as the Bobbies take her away.

The Leprechaun strikes again.


Please include a list of all participants’ blogs (not necessarily their actual posts for the month) in your blog post.

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18 comments on “March 2013 Blog Chain: The Leprechaun’s Confession

  1. Very creepy Leprechaun. I liked it!


  2. I love the tone you set with this one. And a cop could make a career out of chasing a man like the Leprechaun. Just sayin’. 😉


  3. I wonder if this could be the beginning of a much bigger tale, Rafael….wonderful writing today.


    • I honestly don’t know. It is hard to keep it all in the present tense and I do have a lot on my plate right now. Doesn’t mean I can’t or won’t revisit it one day. Who knows? 😉


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  5. Another one not seen coming! It has a film noir-ish feel to it.
    Nice job!


  6. Leprechaun noir. Great stuff!


  7. Nice ending!
    I like the leprechaun’s role in this. Very unexpected.


  8. […] – http://portablemagicblog.com/ (link to post) Ralph Pines – https://ralfast.wordpress.com/ (link to post) mdgreene50 – http://www.gettotheinside.blogspot.com/ (link to post) SRHowen […]


  9. “Do I really look like a leprechaun with a plan? I’m like an Irish setter chasing cars. I wouldn’t know what to do with one if I caught it! The mayor has plans. The police have plans. I just did what leprechauns do best: I took their plan, and I turned it on itself.”


  10. […] – http://portablemagicblog.com/ (link to post) Ralph Pines – https://ralfast.wordpress.com/ (link to post) mdgreene50 – http://www.gettotheinside.blogspot.com/ (link to post) dolores haze […]


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