Space for Rent: Five Easy Ways to Lose an Argument on the Interwebs

Tweet of the Day: Writer, Educate Thyself


This is going to be a short post, on account that I have very little to say. Except that it seems that on my little corner of the internet I’ve seen a a rise of idiocy and feel the need to combat it. Consider this my own public service announcement about arguments, idiots and the internet:

I’m not (racist, homophobic, biased, bigoted) but….

Falls into the category of things that if you have to say them, then they are not true. You do not express your humility by saying, “I am humble,” because that is boasting and therefore untrue. You certainly don’t pronounce yourself free of bias by then saying something that clearly shows that you are.

I have a friend who is X….

Okay, we get it, you are not a complete douchenoozle (douche what?). You have people that you consider friends and they in turn think of you as friends, or maybe the tolerate you like that one creepy, crazy uncle we all have. Or the racist father, or the homophobic mother or…you get the idea. Maybe that person tolerates you. At least it they may the choice to do that instead of abandoning you to your ignorance.

Things are worst in Y (where Y is a country in the world. China is very popular for some reason).

Are we talking about China? No, then why bring it up? This is a variation on the old canard of “Love or Leave It”. What the person who utters these words is really saying, “I like/ take benefit/ comfort from being  just the way it is and I don’t want to change it.” Crappy reason to sit in the muck, son.

I never experienced X (where X usually stands for discriminatory act or pattern of behavior) therefore it does not exist.

I’ve have been hungry but never starved. I seen the Moon but never walked on the surface. I’ve never seen air (dust and smoke yes, but not air), but I breath it. Ergo, just because I haven’t “experienced” something due to my age, lifestyle, social position or simply because I can’t or refuse to see it does not mean it does not exists.  You just proven your ignorance, nothing more.

Everybody does it, you did it first or (can) suffer from it therefore its okay.

I see a cliff over there, Johny jumped of it, that means it’s okay! Often used in political discussions and discussions about gender inequality. Completely ignores the fact that the act in question is wrong regardless of who the actor is at the moment.

So, if you utter or type one of these statements, you are wrong and have failed. Yes, you are a failure, and probably a troll. Move away from the keyboard and rethink your life choices.

Thank you.



2 comments on “Space for Rent: Five Easy Ways to Lose an Argument on the Interwebs

  1. All of the above, plus any wording of “us versus them” being introduced into a discussion – that, more than anything else, is the reason I tend to stay out of political conversations. The temptation to rip apart the massive simplifications (and ruin any decent dialogue going on) is often too great to ignore.


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