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Wizards’ World War (s.3) Dispatch 11: The Jaguars on King’s Mountain

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Colonia Independecia, Zona Metropolitana de Monterey, Estado de Nuevo León, Estados Unidos Mexicanos, 14 de mayo, -5 GMT

The second lieutenant shout into his helmet mike, “This is Sierra two-three-seven to Sierra Hotel, do you copy. Sierra two-three-seven, two-three-nine and two-three-four, disabled by enemy action. Sierra Hotel, do you copy!”

A wall of smoke surrounded him.

The acrid smell of burning tires suffused his nostrils.

“I repeat this is Sierra two-three-seven-”

A roar pierced his eardrums.

Time slowed down.


A giant of a man, clad in red war paint and animal skins pounced from the dark fog. He grabbed a private like a rag doll.

He hit the soldier on the throat with a bat lined with teeth.

Blood spurted from the wound.

Another roar erupted from the darkness.

In a flash of white teeth, the giant jumped back in the black.

“Sierra Hotel to Sierra two-three-seven, we copy,” crackled the voice on the radio.

“Sierra Hotel, about to be overrun. Request fire support on my grid coordinates. Danger Close, repeat, Danger Close!”

“Can not comply Sierra two-three-seven, revise location and resend request.”

He caught glimpses through windows that opened in the fog.

Men huddled around the wrecks.

Shots fired at shadows made of smoke.

“Repeat, we are within five meters of grid coordinates. Request fire mission on coordinates, over.”


“Wait one, fire mission approved, Sierra two-three-seven, over.”

Shells whistled over head.

Fountains of earth and concrete erupted around them.

The noise pierced their ears.

The fog dissipated.

Fifteen minutes later recovery vehicles and helicopters evacuated the stranded unit.

For three days and nights, everything smelled wrong to the lieutenant.

Every piece food left a burnt taste on his mouth.

Every lungful of air smelled of ashes.

On the third day he was called into the command tent. It was draped from the roof over the backyard of a house in the hills of Valle Alto. The owners had “donated” the property to the Americans.

Orders: Full battalion sweep of the Colonia Indepencia. Secure area against anti-NASAF (North American Stabilization and Assistance Forces).

A Predator drone flew overhead.

A herald of what was to come.


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