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Weekend Roundup: February 17-23

Tweet of the Day: What’s The Secret Of A Successful Science Fiction&Romance Combination?


It seems I got my groove back. Another week of regular posting, if a bit late each day. In other news a story I sent to an anthology didn’t make it, but I got a nice, thorough reply and an invitation to try again later in the year. I have to admit that my ego got bruised, just a bit, but I plan to take the recommendations to heart and resubmit when the times comes. Now, how about this week in blogging?

Of course, starting next week I’ll be focusing on Lessons of War (Book on of the Ruins of Empire Trilogy), my current WiP. I estimate I should have a finished second draft by the end of May at the latest. I won’t give up blogging but priorities will shift accordingly.

Keep your fingers crossed.



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