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Genre as Argument: Sub-Genres

Tweet of the Day: Praise the Lord and pass the genre ammunition


There comes a time in any life when the student becomes the master. It happens in all kinds of disciplines including writing. So, it is no surprise that as genres mature, those that grew up reading them write their own reaction to them. These come in the form of sub-genres. These are subdivisions of and expansions to an existing genre such as Dark Fantasy to Classic/High Fantasy or Cyberpunk to Science Fiction (to name one of so many examples.)

Within the context of genre as argument two distinct patterns arise.  The first is what I may call the “Road Less Traveled” argument. Authors create a new sub-genre that explores secondary arguments within the larger argument presented by the parent genre. These works extrapolate new arguments from the existing ones and expand the genre as a whole. The second pattern is the counter-argument. New works explicit counter the ideas. These are more contentious works that try to create a counterpoint to the original set of arguments. Both enrich the genres in question and are a boon to the audience.

In upcoming posts I will discuss a few of these sub-genres and how the fit in the larger argumentative scheme.


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