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Space for Rent: Death Dealers and Death Panels



You have been warned.


Death Dealers and Death Panels…I’m not talking about the NRA, arms dealers nor secret trials, I am talking about pharmaceutical companies and health insurance companies.  They don’t deal in life, nurturing, preserving it or extending it. No, they deal in death. Betting against life and making money out of our fear of death.

Let us talk about Big Pharma ™,s hall we? Those little bottlers of chemical compounds buried in starch. They claim that the process of bringing a new medicine to the market is extremely expensive and time consuming. And that may be so, but that doesn’t count the millions in tax payer dollars that goes into matching grants to public universities that do the grunt work nor the millions of man hours that grad students pay for the privilege of writing a research paper that may lead to a new breakthrough but which they will not only not see a dime, they will leave the university with tens of thousands in student loans. Nor does it bring into account the actual cost of manufacturing pills at an industrial level, millions if not billions of white tablets made every day, at fractions of a cent each, but they charge anywhere from five to one hundred dollars per pill. And what about all those expensive commercials to sell you products that you CAN NOT legally buy without a doctor’s subscription? If the doctor doesn’t think you should take it, you can not take it, period.  Then you have millions more in advertising to doctors themselves plus millions more lobbying politicians at all level of government for less oversight. Throw in patents that last an average of thirty years. Thirty years of zero competition for life saving drugs.

Then you have private insurance companies that bet against your life. The less they pay, the more they make. They will drop patients, play with co-pays, overcharge companies and get between you and your doctor. Even when a doctor tells a patient that they either take a specific medication or they will die, the insurance company will do whatever they think they can get away with in order to avoid paying. Yes, they will lie and cheat you out of your rights and money if given half a chance.

Healthcare is life and life is a public issue, not something to bartered on the market. People want to live and will pay whatever it they have to do so. Companies know this and exploit the fact accordingly. And if you think it won’t happen to you, it will.

It is not a matter of if, but when….


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