SFR Brigade Presents: Lessons of War

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As a member of the SFR Brigade I was invited to participate in a member blog hop. I decided to put up the first paragraph of my current WiP, Lessons of War.  The death of the last Emperor of Man left the galaxy in turmoil. For three hundred years, the Houses of the Empire have struggled to conquer the Throne of Stars. This is the story of Duke Edward de Havilland as he tries to keep his House intact while pursuing a relationship with the young heir to a rival House. But that affair may very well destroy the very thing he swore to protect.


I caught death in the corner of my eye.

The fireball on the screen crisscrossed the blue sky. A monstrous red and orange ball of destruction surrounded by white trails.  The world slowed down around me. Shouts, cries and orders merged into an unintelligible cacophony.

Someone gripped my shoulder, “Your grace, we have to go.”

The Duke of House de Havilland was dead, long live Duke Edward Louis de Havilland.

Long live me.


Hope you enjoy it, and make sure to visit the SFR Brigade page to see what the great writers there have to offer.



14 comments on “SFR Brigade Presents: Lessons of War

  1. “Long Live Me”….classic……


  2. Love how this started with a gripping description of the chaos, followed by the surprise reveal. Nicely done. Great hook!


  3. Sounds interesting. The first sentence sucked me in. The last sentence snapped everything into a new perspective.


  4. I am intrigued. I’m a total sucker for his POV, and to have it in first person in something with a romance thread is rare indeed.


    • This project is tricky since I like to use first person (I like the intimacy of it) but I am using multiple POVs. Getting the distinct voices right will be a welcomed challenge.


  5. It has everything going for it: intrigue, action, prose and a hint of character. I love it!


  6. Love this snippet. I have impressions of speed and anguish from everyone around the character. Loved it!


  7. Ay, you don’t beat around the bush! Devastating start!


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