Mass Effect/After Earth Chronicles: Questioning

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Metropolitan Police Headquarters, Milgrom, Bekenstein, Boltzmann, Serpent Nebula, March 18, 2196

A constable showed us to the witness side of the interrogation room. Inspector-Constable Cruz led Mr. Andorff and his attorney into the interrogation side. A wall size one way mirror stood between us.

Andorff sniffed the air, “You people have been harassing me for days. As I told you, detective-”

The Inspector looked down on her datapad, “Inspector.”

“Yes, Inspector. Like I said, I had a nasty flu that day,” said Andorff. His attorney sat beside him with a blank stare. These two had danced this dance before.

“I know, Mr. Andorff, we just want to go over a few things, for the record,” she said, her eyes still on the pad.

Andorff ran a hand over his bald forehead, “Fine.”

“What was the reason for the meeting at the Steiner-Satori estate, Mr. Andorff?” asked Cruz.

He shrugged, “It was an investors meeting, proposed by one Mr. Thompson-Ramos.”

“Of Thompson-Ramos Security Services?”

“The same.”

And what was the nature of the investment scheme, Mr. Andorff?”

“I don’t really know. Steiner-”

“Mrs. Steiner-Satori, correct?”

“Yes,” growled Andorff. His attorney placed a hand on Andorff shoulder. Andorff shook it off, “Yes. She invited me to the meeting, but like I said I had the flu so I did not go.”

“You had no idea of what the meeting was about?”


“And this was the first time you were invited?”


Cruz got up. She fixed her glare down on Andorff, “Are you sure about that?”

“Of course I am!” said Andorff.

She pressed a switch on the wall. A light came on our side dispelling the illusion of the mirror. Andorff jaw dropped when he saw the three of us: Mr. Tuvok to my left and Ms. Dantius to my right. I waved at him, Mr. Tuvok smiled and Ms. Dantius crossed her arms.

Cruz pointed at us, “According to our witnesses you were part of the investment group for years.”

“What is the meaning of this?” asked Andorff’s attorney.

“Shut up Manny!” shouted Andorff.

“I am simply allowing your client to confront his accusers. I mean, the sheer of coincidence of of Mr. Andorff flu symptoms is remarkable, downright life saving, but not very useful on the streets of Milgrom,” she said.

“This…this is outrageous!” protested the attorney.

Rivulets of sweat cascaded from Androff’s forehead, “Dammit Manny, shut the hell up!”

Cruz slammed her palms on the tabletop, “I can not protect you Mr. Andorff unless you cooperate with me. ”

“I want immunity!” screeched Andorff.

Cruz switched the light on the witness side off, “I can not do that. I can, however, offer you witness protection, contingent on your full cooperation.”

Andorff looked at his attorney. The attorney nodded. A veritable torrent of information flowed through Andorff’s lips: connections to Red Sand dealers, how he was pressured into paying for, and how he helped smuggle in the batarian mercenaries into the planet. Cruz came to see us after two constables took Andorff away.

“Well played, Inspector,” said Mr. Tuvok.

“I apologize for playing into certain species based stereotypes, Mr. Tuvok,” said Cruz.

Mr. Tuvok chuckled, “It all worked out for the best.”

Cruz pointed at a waiting officer, “The constable will see you out.” She waited until Mr. Tuvok and Ms. Dantius were out of earshot then turned to me, “Well Mr. Thompson-Ramos, I kept my side of the bargain.”

“That you did. I’ll take care of the rest,” I said.

“Make sure that whatever you do, Mr. Thompson-Ramos, you keep it out of my streets. Connections or not, I will go after you if I have to.”

“Duly noted, Inspector.”

“Now I have to take care of ye old paperwork,” she said.

I called Galeena the moment I left police headquarters, “Captain,  batarians involvement confirmed.”

“Orders?” asked Galeena.

“The hunt is on.”



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