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Mass Effect/After Earth Chronicles: ANN Finance News and Stock Report

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Nothing to rant about today so instead we bring you another Mass Effect fic for your enjoyment.



From the Alliance News Network Finance Desk

March 15, 2196

A Wild Day on the Galactic Market

by Arlina Andriametti

ANN NEWS CENTER, THE CITADEL– Galactic stock market indexes rose across Citadel space after the Quarian Merchant Fleet (Market Index-QMF) reported a 22% rise in profits in the last quarter followed by a joint announcement with Trans-Luna Constructions to build a new class of modular transports based on the popular Kowloon class of human starships. Barla Von, a top Volus financial expert described the new partnership as, “The Deal of the Century. Parts and equipment for the new ships will be built across Citadel space in Alliance, Human, Volus and Quarian shipyards. It should restore a significant portion of the tonnage lost in the Reaper War.”

But stocks plunged after news of a brazen attack on the home of Steiner-Satori on the outskirts of Milgrom. The colonial authorities have not released any casualty figures but the family of ExSolar Shipping president, Pratchett Peters, confirmed that he died in the brutal assault. Milgrom Daily News reports that other important figures of galactic commerce were in attendance at the time of the attack, but can not confirm the identity of the attendees at this moment.

Our thoughts and prayers go to the Steiner-Satori family as well as the families of her guest.

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