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Genre as Argument

Tweet of the Day: I remember Space Quest. Do You? 


Short post today. In upcoming weeks I’ll be exploring the idea of genre (and sub-genres) as argument. The idea is that each book presents an argument, for or against a given world view, even if the author is not making direct appeals to his audience.  The same goes for genres, although a genre can contain arguments and arguments. Often the counter arguments within a genre occur as the genre evolves and new authors react to what is written before.

I’ll concentrate mostly on speculative fiction and its attendant genres/sub-genres. This will not be an exhaustive exploration of each genre, just a general look/discussion on each. I don’t know if it will be a regular Thursday feature or if it will migrate to Space for Rent on Fridays due to thei socio-economic aspects of the discussion. I will, as always, welcome any input, corrections or discussion on the issue.

Until then….


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