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Weekend Roundup: December 30th- January 5th

Tweet of the Day: What is the most important moment in your character’s arc?


Out with the old, in with the new.

We waved goodbye to 2012 and welcomed, ever so hesitantly, 2013.  Considering the madness that was 2012, I have zero expectations for 2013. This year feels like the Year of the Meh, the Year of I Couldn’t Care Less, That One More Year That Was. Maybe is the old holiday blues talking, but that’s how I feel.


Who knows, in five minutes I’ll feel even better. But for now let see what happened last week in this blog:

That about covers it. Might go back to playing Borderlands (the First) for a bit. A bit repetitive, but if you want to kill some time (and neurons), it’s okay.


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