TV Tropes Monday: Dreaming of a White Christmas


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Expect a slew of holiday tropes to come your way, since, you know, ’tis the season.


If it’s Christmas then you got to have snow. No questions asked. Or maybe somebody does ask, but is left to the “magic of the season”, or some such. Either it snows sometime during the night, while the family is having Xmas dinner, or a couple quietly exchanges gifts near a window, or the whole family/town/village/city wakes up to a winter wonderland. Expect snow angels, snowmen and snow fights. You will not see any road salt, plowing of driveways or dirty snow filled gutters.

Of course snow means winter, magic, beauty and even love. This trope is so prevalent that the audience will expected even in sunny Southern California or other places where it CAN snow, but usually does not. Little mention is made of the stuff falling for days, clogging the roads and breaking dad’s back as he shovels the crap out of it. Cabin fever goes unnoticed as well. Strangely, as the page notes, it rarely snows in New Years or Valentine’s Day.

Go figure.



4 comments on “TV Tropes Monday: Dreaming of a White Christmas

  1. I do love a good cyberChristmas….let it snow…


  2. That’s the stuff you want to bottle. I wish moments like that lasted longer. They are too fleeting.


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