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TV Tropes Monday: Earth-that-Was

Tweet of the Day: What do you do when you run out of plot in the middle of the story?


The End of the World as We Know It meets Wagon Train to the Stars.

For some reason Earth went kaput, and people hitched their star buggies and went Space. Peeps might still have the coordinates froom where their great-great-great whatever came from all it may be shrouded in myth. From a writers perspective, it is a simple way to explain to a predictably Earth-Centric audience why you have all these humans in space but nobody mentions Earth in any meaningful way.  It can also set up two scenarios:

  1. The “Search for Earth”, where the planet serves as a sort of Atlantis for the wider human community.
  2. Earth All Along“, where the alien planet is not that alien.

In each case the disaster that led to the evacuation of the planet feeds directly into each scenario. If the planet was incinerated by powerful technology, the cast may go back there to find a way to use/counteract that technology. Having the world go through radical changes can also serve to make it look just alien enough to pull off the second scenario. It is an interesting trope that begs to be used in new ways but spec-fiction writers.


One comment on “TV Tropes Monday: Earth-that-Was

  1. I love the idea of not being earth-centric. I must practice 🙂


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