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TV Tropes Monday: Robosexual


Tweet of the Day: Why I’m Choosing Traditional Publishing


Sci-fi’s version of Rule 34, as in, if a robot is human enough, somebody (organic) will want to have sex with it (robotic).  The simplest for of this trope is some form of sex doll and many stories feature, almost as a throw away gag or acknoledgement of basic human horniness that yes, in this universe there be robots and some of those robots were made for sex. More sophisticated writers might explore the questions that come up with this trope. Can a machine display genuine sexual appetite? Can it also display romantic feelings? Can it differentiate between sexual desire and emotional attachments? Is empathy a necessary sign of intelligence?

And on and on and….

In essence you can do almost any theme, plot or story line involving love, sex and misery (Happiness? HA!)  and make it even more interesting by throwing a robot into the mix. Or you could end up with a weird Hentai thing.  It can go either way.  Which just goes to show you that I’ve spent to much time in deviantArt and Tumblr and that Rule 34 is still in effect.

Make of that what you will.


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