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Wizards’ World War (s.3): Dispatch 1- Of Parties and Wives

Tweet of the Day: Structure Part 6–Getting Primal & Staying Simple


Seasons 1 & 2 Intro Season 1 – Dispatch 2


10 Downing Street, Cabinet Room, City of Westminster, London, Union of British States, 2 January, 21:52 hrs GMT

Two men stood in the room. Tomorrow a new cabinet, a Labour cabinet, would file in and begin the business of ruling a new nation. John Knyvett, former Prime Minister, watched his successor stand in the very same spot, in front of the very same window he stood before, watching, as he once did, the snowflakes glide past.

“Another long, cold year, John,” said the new PM. He took short sips of red from the fluted glass. Knyvett suspected that the other man would graduate to something stronger by the end of the week.

“Iceland and Sicily still acting up?” said Knyvett.

“Pretty much, yes. All flights are grounded here and in the continent. Thousands of holiday goers stranded plus thick snowfall here and across central Europe. When in snows it avalanches, I guess. I can see why you wanted to quit so badly,” said the Prime Minister.

“Indeed it does, but at least you don’t have to face any dragons, Henry.” For the first time Knyvett called the other man by his first name. They never shared the same space outside of Parliament and conversed through dueling press releases and contentious banner headlines.

“Not yet, John, not yet.” Knyvett waited in sepulchral silence for the PM to speak. He knew the man wanted something from him but it would not do to pressure him.  “John, I have an unusual request, unusual and politically sensitive.”

“I’m listening.”

“I would like you to…stay on, in an unofficial capacity, of course.”

“I don’t think that is a good idea, Henry.  It smacks of coalition politics, the same politics you decried during the campaign.”

“True, and I’ll pay for it in the next Party Congress but you engineered this change and you know more about our new found magical community than anyone else.”

“What about the inquiries?”

“I can’t do anything about them. I looked over the initial reports and besides the initial handling of the riots, I can’t fault the last government handling of the crisis. And your solution to it was, without exaggerating, brilliant.”

“I was looking forward to a long vacation, maybe up North, in Scotland, far away from the City as possible, but not so far away that we don’t have Internet connection. The boys would kill me. But if you really need someone to bounce ideas of, I more than game.”

“Thank you,” said the PM. He drained the glass, “In the spirit of full disclosure, and this might just be that my wife is on her third trimester, but it may smooth things over if we keep our respective spouses out of this, for the time being.”

“And don’t think its the hormones, unless my wife hasn’t kept something from me. If I recall she did mention something about, quote, “her gauche nouveau-rich lack of style’, unquote,” said Knyvett.

The PM chuckled and raised a glass, “To the future.”

“To the future.”


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