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Mass Effect/After Earth Chronicles: Gaming with Grick

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Gaming Galaxy with Grick

Serpent Nebula, Widow System, the Citadel, Zakera Ward, February 8, 2196

Grick: Hello and welcome to Gaming Galaxy the largest extranet gaming show in the galaxy, coming straight from Zakera Ward. And let me tell you this is way cooler than manning a game shop. I mean, you can only sweep the floor or stack OSDs so many times a day. But enough of that lets get the show started. With us today we have Ben Sterling, game critic for the extranet gaming mag, The Eludist. Welcome to the program.

Ben: Glad to be here.

Grick: You heard the news about Galaxy of Fantasy reached twelve billion subscribers last month, breaking its pre-war record while N7: Code of Honor: Shadow Ops failed to reach one billion last year. What do you make of this?

Ben: First of all, I don’t know what Elegant Artists were thinking about when they decided to take on the granddaddy of extranet games with a glorified multiplayer campaign.

Grick: But multiplayer sells.

Ben: When done well, yes. But the N7 series was good when it concentrated on the single player game. It had a solid, if at times formulaic story but great characters and good action sequences. Although the vehicles sections always left something to be desired.

Grick: Yeah I got some mail from Alliance marines saying that the Mako wasn’t meant to be driven up the side of a sheer cliff.  It also helps GoF that Passive Sight has aggressively marketed to Krogans and Quarians.

Ben: And unlike Elegant Artists they have done it well. Three new expansions: City of the Ancients, Blood Arena and Metal Storm were made with Krogans and Quarians in mind. They took their approach to Turian mythology and rolled with it. Rannock and Tuchanka are the two biggest gaming markets right now. You have millions with access to improved extranet bandwidth now that the military has switched a lot of their communications to quantum entanglement. Cheaper is better.

Grick: But BA and MS stirred a storm of controversy about exploiting negative cultural stereotypes about Geth, Krogans and Quarians.

Ben: It stirred short lived controversy from idiots who didn’t play the game, just like Grand Terminus Alliance did back in the day. Once people got to play the game they saw it was just another tempest in a teapot. Besides these are not the Hannar we are talking about. The execs at Passive Sight know better than to mess with them, less they send a couple of Drell to “clean up” their offices.

Grick: I wouldn’t want that either. But we haven’t talk about the, what do humans call it, the “pachyderm-

Ben: Elephant in the room and it stinks like a giant pile of poop in the middle of the carpet.

Grick: The N7 storyline?

Ben: Exactly. To be honest I didn’t mind it myself, mostly because I came to the game with low expectations. I mean, you know how I am about remakes and sequels.

Grick: I do.

Ben: Well, the thing is that it upset a lot of their hardcore fans, the ones that didn’t download the game from a pirate site out in the Terminus systems. The last fifteen minutes of the game is not the place for you to go off the rails, story wise.

Grick: How about the tons of free multiplayer maps and the promised of a “revised” ending?

Ben: I am of two minds, Grick. On one hand, if Elegant Artists believes this is the story they wanted to tell, then they should say so and stick with it. On the other hand if they screwed up, they should admit it and apply Occam’s razor to the thing and be done with it. No need to remake the remake. The free maps are just a cheap PR move to keep the multiplayer side going and the fans happy. I don’t do multiplayer either. A game should stand on its single player mode unless like GoF it was meant to be multiplayer from the get go.

Grick: Which N7 was not?

Ben: No. It was a good shooter with a decent story and interesting third person mechanics not a massive extranet monstrosity for everyone and their Asari grandmother to play with.

Grick: Well our time is up, thank you for stopping by Ben.

Ben: Thank you for having me.

Grick: Next week we will talk about the new features of GoF: Metal Storm and a slew of vid tie-ins starting with Archangel: Omega Nights.  Until then, see you around the Wards!



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