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TV Tropes Monday: Villain Protagonist

Tweet of the Day: Physical Attribute Thesaurus: Hands


Rescue the Princess,

Save the Galaxy,

Get the kitten down from the tree,

Not in this guy’s agenda. Well maybe the kitten, because you know, kittens. They are (since it could be a he, she or it) the protagonist, i.e. the main character, but they are not heroes or heroic in any way, shape or form. They may be complete monsters, but since they carry the weight of the narrative in their shoulders, they tend to have at least one or more redeeming qualities, or at least relatable ones. Although getting a peek into the dark side of humanity can be compelling in its own right, it is not something most people expect in their main character. So a measure of, for a lack of a better term, “likability” may be required. Dashing good looks, impeccable manners, a quit razor sharp wit or a convenient Freudian excuse.

An interesting choice to be sure, but one fraught with peril.  But then again Milton loved the Devil more than the rest.


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