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Lessons from the Aether

Tweet of the Day:  Yet Another Pitfall of Multi-POV Stories


Wow, this place looks a bit forlorn, like it needs something, a post mayhap? Yes, but I ran out ideas for the world building series, so what now?

How about more video game posts?

Or movies, haven’t seen many this summer, but everybody likes them.

The classics, no author can skip those.

Theater,  sculpture, paintings, stand up comedy….

How about all of the above? Say what now?

Yes. For you see all forms of art tell a story of some sort. Each one has a narrative within themselves and surrounding them. I would argue that different forms of art are merely different narrative forms and that we as writers can learn from them. Here is famous example:

Las Meminas by Diego Velazquez

A single moment captured on canvas yet it reveals so much, about the artist, the era, the people and their relationships both personal, social and political.  Whatever lessons are in this picture will not transfer wholesale to the written page, something will be lost in transfer from the wall to the page. At the same time, by looking at other forms of art it forces us to think outside of the four corners of the page.

Well then, I guess we have ourselves a new series of blog post.



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