Blinded by Love: Fans and Their Love Affairs

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I saw this video yesterday and it made me a little sad.

How so?

I found myself crossing a line that one does best to steer clear off. I’m talking about the line from simple fan to obsessive “fanboy.” As long time readers of this blog know, I am a fan of all things speculative fiction with a soft spot for Harry Potter and Mass Effect.  I’ve posted fan fiction, linked to articles and written “essays’ on different aspects of these works (and will continue to do so in the future). But at some point, especially when it comes to the latter franchise, my “love” has become something else, something that is neither healthy or wise. I’ve found myself berating people on the Internet for not agreeing with me. Now that happens all the time. But when it stops being a simple presentation of facts or an exposition on your point of view and turns into ad hominen attacks, even if subtle ones, when it becomes about proving how right I am to the exclusion of  everything else well….

It is time to stop and think for a minute.

And the thing is, it is very easy to detect it when others do it, from the yelling sports fan to the the reclusive comic book geek. Easy to wonder into a minefield of frothing madness, which I have been in the receiving end a few times of late. Regardless on which side of the firing line I have been, it has  never pretty.

Then there is the side of me that finds the whole thing so cringe worthy I just want to run and hide, because (again) it shows a part of me I don’t really like. I am talking about adoration for my work. I managed to pick up a handful of fans here and there, who mostly lurk and wait with patience for my next hackneyed attempt at art or commentary. And I said this before, there is nothing more ego boosting that someone, anyone, dropping a comment or sending you a message saying something like:

“I agree with you 100%!”

“I love your work!”

“Great stuff!’

“I can’t wait for more!”

(They always come with exclamation points, btw.)

It is a validation of your work, regardless of the actual quality of it. And for those who live or wish to make a living out of content creation we want something more, we want money for our work and fans will give us that money in exchange for more of what they want: content. But these are powerful forces we seek to harness, from within and from without, and we will be burned by them, make no mistake about it.

The only thing we can do is watch that wavy line in the distance and hope that we can jump back the moment we cross it. Because we will cross it.


2 comments on “Blinded by Love: Fans and Their Love Affairs

  1. Food for thought tonight…. A thought-provoking post.


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