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Mass Effect 3: Die for the Cause

“Primarch Victus, fleet wide comm channel open,” said the Indefatigable‘s communication’s officer.

“Thank you. This is Primarch Victus to all ships. Some have described the liberation of Palaven as a miracle. It was nothing of the sort. It is merely the inevitable result of our alliance with the Krogan. Once bitter enemies, together we threw off the enemy from our sacred soil. Together we drove back those who sought to destroy us. Now we stand poised to join every sentient race in the galaxy in an attack on the Reaper’s main force. Together we will go to Earth and defeat the dreaded enemy. Earth, the home world of humanity. Once our enemy, our rival, our competitor in the galactic stage. We first met on the battlefield, then on the conference table.  Over time we wearily eyed each other even as we tried to understand each other.

Then Saren, a turian Spectre, one of our own, betrayed  the Council and sided with the Reapers. Then we saw what humanity was made off. They launched themselves into the fight, heedless of losses. They turned the tide against the synthetic menaced that threatened all life in the galaxy.

And won.

If humanity is the light in the darkness, then turians will be the flame that burns deep in the cold hard night.

Remember who you are.

Remember what we stand for.

Honor, Duty, Sacrifice.

Earth calls and Palaven will answer!

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