Mass Effect/After Earth Chronicles: Character Profiles (Thompson-Ramos Security)

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I finally wrote the first chapter of the After Earth Chronicles, but it still going through revisions. In the meantime, here is a run down of the main characters.


Theodore Carlos Thompson-Ramos (Human):

  • Place of Birth: Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, Caribbean League, Earth
  • Age: 45 (Earth Standard Year/Solar Years)
  • D.O.B.: 7 March 2151
  • Career: Founder and CEO of Thompson-Ramos Security (TRS, 2190 to the present). Former Alliance Marine (2169-2189), Tour of Duty: Shanxi (garrison duty, 2170-2171), First Pirate Suppression Campaign (2172-2173), Special Forces Training (Rank Unknown at least N1 2174-2176),Second Pirate Suppression Campaign (2176-78), Battle of Torfan, Alliance HQ Vancouver, 2177-2183. Eden Prime War and Geth Containment Campaign 2183-2185. Reaper Invasion 2186- 2189. Retired 2189 with the rank of Lieutenant Commander.
  • Combat Class: Infiltrator
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Family/Relatives: Immediate Family-None, Deceased during Reaper Invasion. Survived by Cousins and Uncles/Aunts on the Ramos side of the family.
  • Weapon of Choice: M-98 Widow (weight mod), M-15 Vindicator (3-round Mod, Accuracy Mod, Grenade Launcher), Inferno Ammo, Omni-Tool with bladed electrical charge (Stun/Kill mod).

Galeena T’iala, Asari

  • Place of Birth: Agessia, Northern Polar Region Directorate
  • Age: 319 (Earth Standard Year/ Solar Years)
  • D.O.B.: 9 January 1867
  • Career: Huntress Training Program (Agessia Military Academy 1917-1922, Biotic Combat Course 1923-1925, Commando Training Course 1926-1930), Agessia Colonial Defense Force (1930-1969), Security Detail aboard Pride of the Matriarchy (1970-1975 ), STG Liaison (Classified), Chief of Security Serrice Council (2001-2012), Asari Diplomatic Security Service (2015-2160), Freelance/Mercenary Service (2161-2186), Sabatical (2187-2188), TRS Chief Training Officer (2189 to Present)
  • Combat Class: Vanguard
  • Marital Status: Widowed (Veronica Silveri, Human, 2143-2186)
  • Family/Relatives: None/Deceased
  • Weapon of Choice: Biotic Hand to Hand Combat, M-6 Carnifex/M-77 Paladin Heavy Pistol with Warp Ammo, Extended Barrel and Extra Ammo Clip.

Bio: Born to an Asari-Salarian union deep in underground colonies under Agessia’s unforgiving surface, Galeena’s life was shaped by the hardworking and dedicated nature of those that worked the palladium mines in the Northern Polar Region. She embraced the challenges of her environment and focused her early years into perfecting her biotic abilities. She quickly progressed through the tough Huntress Training Program, one of the best in Asari space and infamous for the high casualties/dropout rates (known to the graduates as the 20/20, the top twenty percent graduate, the bottom twenty become casualties) and joined the Agessia CDF.

Wanderlust finally hit her at the age of one hundred and three when she joined the crew of the dreadnought Pride of the Matriarchy. For the next two centuries she would serve in different posts across the galaxy, reconnecting with her father’s Salarian culture while working with the STG and coming into contact with the emerging power of humanity on the galactic stage. There she met her bondmate, a human diplomat named Veronica Silveri on Earth, during the negotiations that ended the First Contact War/Relay 314 Incident.

To support her family she took on mercenary work which focused on training and support roles for Asari colonies at the edge of the Terminus systems. The Reaper invasion of 2186 cut her off from contact with her bondmate, it would not be a month after the Battle of Earth that she would learn that her spouse died at the hands of Cerberus hit squads during Councilor’s Udina failed coup.

She took a sabbatical from mercenary work until she was head hunted by Thompson-Ramos to work for TRS. She focused all her energies to training militias in human colonies to the present day.

Psych Profile: Company psychologist describe Galeena as “intense”. She rarely lets her guard down and tends to deflect most interactions either with sarcasm or silence, preferring the latter. She prefers action over words and when she speaks she does so in short, blunt statements. Centuries of military service have endowed her with a keen sense of battlefield management but scant social graces.

Rodan Quintus (Turian Male):

  • Place of Birth/DOB/Age: Aephus/12 May 2165/31 (Earth Standard Calendar/Solar Years)
  • Career: Basic Training (2180), Candidate Officer Training (2181-2183), Aerospace Fighter Program (2184-2186), 3rd Aerospace Wing Menae/ Battle of Palaven, 56th Aerospace Wing/Resolute, Liberation of Palaven, Battle of Earth, Battle of Omega, Liberation of Omar Kerr (2186), Palaven Training Center (2187-2188), Honorable discharge 2189, Chief of Aerospace Operations for TRS 2182.
  • Combat Class: Turian Soldier
  • Marital Status: Divorced-Valenna D’arqui
  • Family/Relatives: Father-Altair Quintus, Brother-Rathos Quintus.Weapon of Choice: M-4 Shuriken (Armor Piercing Ammo Mod)

Bio: To a Turian there is no question of whether they will serve, but in what capacity. Rodan’s chose to follow the anti-proton trails of warships that called the Aephu’s shipyards home and joined the Turian space forces. There he honed his skills as a fighter pilot embracing the new fighter tactics learned from their human counterparts. The change from big wing operations to smaller units made up of single or two pair came with a lot of resistance from more traditionalist tacticians in the Turian military who still saw aerospace fighters as support units for ground forces or screens for larger warships. But high casualties do to Reaper anti-aircraft fire and Oculus fighter drones beam strikes changed their thinking.

His extensive experience fighting Reaper forces and collaborating with allied fighter squadrons landed him a job at the main Turian training center. During his stint at PTC he attracted a cadre of new pilots eager to test the new tactics. An accident involving the daughter of a senior fleet admiral derailed Rodan’s career. She went outside the training parameters during a life fire exercise. As his protégé he accepted the blame for the accident and retired as soon as he reached his thirtieth birthday. The stress of the accident also shattered his marriage and he was forced to look for employment outside of Turian space.

Psych Profile: Rodan’s easy going attitude outside of the cockpit belies his cool professionalism in it. Company psychologist believes that his attitude reflects a need to inspire confidence in others, and to counter Turian stereotypes (uptight/humorless) among humans. Once in the cockpit he rarely speaks and leads by example while outside the cockpit he defers to the judgment of others which is expected behavior among Turian subordinates. However he will not hesitate to give unvarnished advice if asked for it.
Pasha vas Rannock (Quarian Male):

  • Place of Birth/DOB/Age: Migrant Fleet/1 May 2170/26 (Earth Standard Calendar/Solar Years)
  • Career: University of Biomechanical Studies (2188-2192), VI Tech First Class Quarrian Merchant Fleet (2192-2194), Chief Maintenance Officer for TRS (2195- )
  • Combat Class: Quarian Machinist/Mechanic
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Family/Relatives: Oma vas Rannock (Mother/48 Solar Years/2148- ) Makk vas Rannock (Father/51 Solar Years/2145 – ), Celchu vas Rannock (Brother/9 Solar Years/2187 – )
    Weapons of Choice: Geth Plama Shotgun with Heavy Disruptor Ammo (VI Targeting Assistant and High Caliber Barrel Mods), Combat Drone (with Stealth/Invisibility Mod)

Bio: Pasha’s story is that of the Quarians transition from their nomadic existence to settlement in their home world of Rannock. Pasha is of the Dû’issimu, or “Those who are firm” or settled. Anyone who had reach adulthood before 2186 or was born in the baby boom afterward belongs to this group. Many things have changed in the last ten years.

For example, the Pilgrimage has evolved into a form of Walkabout taken a year after reaching maturity. Young Quarians set out to explore Rannock or former Quarian colonies to find lost technology, art or historical documents in an effort to reconstruct their society before the Morning War. This has in turn led to a renaissance of Quarian art and culture, with several Quarian produced vids making a significant impact on box offices galaxy-wide.

Even the Migrant Fleet has changed, from a crowded home among the stars to a powerful trading fleet that dominates the space lanes and the primary source of employment for many young Quarians. It was the Volus who first saw the potential in the fleet. They saw in the Migrant Fleet a combination of well trained crews, solid self-defense capability and a cargo space second to none. Thus several Volus  consortium led the effort to refit the remaining ships into what is now known as the Merchant Fleet.

In spite of the name, many of the are far less insular than earlier generations. Many take jobs off world to expand their life experience. They also embraced the Geth in ways that many older Qurians find shocking. Most allow Geth to inhabit their suits, which allow them to adapt to new environments far more quickly than their biology would allow. A few even believe that the Geth are an intrinsic part of Quarian culture and evolution and only together can they fully achieve a greater understanding of the universe.

Psych Profile: Pasha embodies all the trends discussed above. An expert VI tech, he chose to join TRS to experience life beyond the Far Rim. He is also an accomplished musician in his own right, and hopes to earn enough money to launch his own music career. He is a quiet but determined young man who maintains a cool head under pressure and comes up with innovative solutions to difficult problems. But his reticence to speak hides a sharp intellect and keen powers of observation.


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  1. I love the idea of wanderlust striking at 103…..great character round-up, Ralfast.


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