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Mass Effect: ANN Defense Report- New Frigates For The Fleet


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ANN News Desk

From Alliance News Desk on the Citadel

February 8, 2196

New Frigates for the Alliance

By Amita Quita

PRESIDIUM, CITADEL– Tyr Shipyard LTD announced the completion of the first of a new class of Alliance frigate, the SSV Kursk. Based on the layout of the SSV NormandySR-2, the Kursk represents the cutting edge of ship technology in Citadel space. She is the first of fifteen new frigates ordered to fulfill a requirement for a long range scouting vessel to patrol the outer human colonies and provide support to Alliance Special Forces. Although the specifics of the frigates systems are still classified, sources claim it will share many of the same capabilities as the SR-2.

Our resident military expert Admiral (ret.) Boris Mikhailovich explains that, “While expensive, the SR series has proven itself in countless engagements.”

At least one in every five ships will also have advanced command and control systems installed.

The ships will be built in three tranches with Kursk, Sevastopol, Tobruk, Kasserine and El-Alamein forming the first tranche. The other tranches are scheduled for the next two years:

–          Second Tranche: Lepanto, Malta, Bannockburn, Crécy, Tours expected in 2197

–          Third Tranche: San Carlos, Dien Bien Phu, Mitla, Inchon and Asal Uthar expected in 2198

The Alliance has also put an order for new dreadnoughts with the SSV Krakatau to be finished no later than 2197.


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