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Mass Effect: After Earth Chronicles Soundtrack

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After Earth Chronicles OST (well not that original but still) :

Series Theme” – Infiltrator Nights Mix

Dream” – Sacked Troy Piano Mix

Vero’s Lament“- Bondmate’s Regret Mix

Tiger Wing Anthem” – Wings of Freedom Vocal Edit

Alpha Strike” – Not Afraid To Die Mix

Ode to Rannock” – Preserver’s Dawn OST

Dawn of the Fallen” – Turian Requiem

Hunter Fleet” – Task Force H Anthem

Against All Odds” – Not Now, Nor Ever Mix

Survivor’s Guilt” – Deep Soul Edit

Ride of the Valkyries” –  Classic Cut

“Knife Fight” – Per ardua ad astra Mix

Bekenstein” – Phoenix Mix

Shin Akiba” – Lower Ward Mix

Get Up!” – End of the Cycle Remix

Joy” – Keelah se’lai  Mix

Galaxy on Fire/Series Trailer” – Earth Reborn Mix


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