Voting Away Your Rights

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This will be a short but politically motivated post.

Why do people vote their rights away?

What compels people to give away their protections against abuse from the State?

Why is it that those that claim to be for freedom the loudest are the first to give them up for a empty promise of security?

Is it the need to punish the Other?

A sense that, “I have nothing to  worry about since I done nothing wrong?”

Yes, I have heard people say that with a  straight face. Which begs the question:

How stupid are you? No, really, I know you are stupid, I’m just looking for a way to quantify it and track the spread of stupidity through the population.

Harsh? Yes. True? Very much so. You see, we are not talking about THEIR rights, but YOURS and OURS. And if I somehow land in the anomalous category of THEM, what gives YOU the right to take away MY rights: my right to vote, my right to a fair trial, my right to face my accuser, my right to speak (or hold my tongue), my right to worship or not as I see fit, my right to an education, to my life?

Why do you panic when the spotlight swings upon YOU? You were content, even cheerful when it was about THEM, but now….

Think about that before you vote your rights away.

For Empire knows no Rubicon.


And now for something completely different:

3 comments on “Voting Away Your Rights

  1. I like your post and agree with most of it, just had a quibble: There is no right to an education (in the constitution). I think even in natural law, education isn’t a right, it is a ‘commodity.’ I could be mistaken and would be happy to be corrected (politely).


    • No, there is no right under the Constitution, but I would argue under basic human rights and in order to have a well informed citizenry there is a compelling right/need for an education.


  2. Article 26 of the universal declaration of human rights: “Everyone has the right to education”.


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