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TV Tropes Monday: Status Quo is God


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This is a phenomenon in long running series, be they TV, movies or books. Nothing ever changes. Let me repeat that:


All hail Status Quo as God!

A million script ideas are sacrificed at the altar of this uncaring god, for he keeps permutation, character growth, plot advancement and time itself at bay.

And while Tropes are  Not Bad, I really, really, oh believe you me when I write this, REALLY hate this trope. I’m not talking about slow plot development or measured character growth, no, no, no!

This is slam on the breaks buddy! Where the hell are you going! Press the Reset Button STAT!

Not the best way to keep me engaged. I think that’s why I hate soap operas so much and get bored of sitcoms after awhile. Formula takes over, executive meddling (and mewling) is priest-king. No sir, I don’t like it. What’s the point of watching or reading if nothing new happens. Or worse, whatever exciting thing you thought was going to happens never does or gets annulled to appease this angry god. Reminds me why I chucked the whole Wheel of Time series. It went nowhere after the third book (or even the second).

It also leads to badly plotted endings when the writers are told, “You are out of time, we are pulling the plug” and have to scramble to tidy up all the loose ends.

Dear Gods of Writing, slay thy wayward brethren and cast his shattered edifice into the deepest lake of fire you can find.


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