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Weekend Roundup: July 29 – August 4

Tweet of the Day: Raise the Stakes


Let see what this week brought:

It seems that Wednesday went missing. To be honest, I had a bit of a brain fart. The post is in my drafts folder ready to go, I just need to polish it.
Oh and don’t forget to vote for me in The End of the World as We Know It contest (Best Seat in the House) and check out the other entries.

Until then….


Here is a look at the  ME: After Earth Chronicles soundtrack:

Series Theme” – Infiltrator Nights Mix

The Lawson Sister’s Ode to Love” – Far Horizon Extended Mix

Vero’s Lament“- Bondmate’s Regret Mix

Tiger Wing Anthem” – Wings of Freedom Vocal Edit

Alpha Strike” – Not Afraid To Die Mix

Ode to Rannock” – Preserver’s Dawn OST

Dawn of the Fallen” – Turian Requiem

Hunter Fleet” – Task Force H Anthem

Against All Odds” – Not Now, Nor Ever Mix

Survivor’s Guilt” – Deep Soul Edit

Ride of the Valkyries” –  Classic Cut

“Knife Fight” – Per ardua ad astra Mix

Bekenstein” – Phoenix Mix

Shin Akiba” – Lower Ward Mix

Get Up!” – End of the Cycle Remix

Joy” – Keelah se’lai  Mix

Galaxy on Fire/Series Trailer” – Earth Reborn Mix


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