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Wizards’ World War (s.2) Dispatch 24: …or Bust.

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Snowdonia National Park, Principality of Wales, 10 August, 14:58 hrs GMT

“Five minutes,” said the soldier in front of me while he flashed an open hand. He was all I could see beside the patch of icy ground beneath my feet and the fog that hanged at the tip of my nose. A wave of comfort hit me moments before a pair of gloved hands grabbed my ankle.

“Stop it,” I whispered.

“Just trying to help,” said Owen. The rest of him emerged from the cold fog. He wore a arctic parka with a baclava that covered everything but his eyes. He began to massage my swollen ankle. I grabbed hi inner thigh, hard.

“Does this help?” I asked.

“Careful,” he whispered. Still, after day long hike of the mountain, his fingers felt good. Too good.

I moved close enough for my lips to brush the cloth covering his left ear, “I know what you’re trying to do. I appreciate it, but this is not the time. Okay?”

Something swooshed over our heads. The coppery smell of brimstone cut through the cold air. Fist size nostrils sniffed the air inches above my head. I pulled Excalibur free from the scabbard.  Owen jumped in front of me. The dragon’s snout twitched at his level. Owen looked like a child  swimming in brackish waters about to be devoured by a white shark. The beast tilted its head and stared. Owen reached under its chin and gave it a scratch.

“So that’s how they do it?” Owen said out loud. Captain Winters crept beside me, I motioned him to stay still.

“Such an alien mind, yet so clear. I could just think of a place and it would go, just go and do whatever. Too bad we can’t use you right now. Off you go!” he waved the dragon away. The fog coiled around its leathery wing tips as it took flight.

“Will it reveal our position?” Winters asked.

“No, it doesn’t think like that. They use psychics to implant images of targets.  Once there I guess they use one or more nearby to direct them.  At least that’s what I gathered from my reading. We must be close,” said Owen.

We reached the target three hours later. The castle walls rose from the bedrock as if a giant hand had sculpted the mountain into the required shape. Members of the SAS team came and went from our hideout. Another four hours passed before they came back with a full picture of the defenses. Winters called an order’s group a moment later.

He drew a rectangle on the snow with a stone by the light of a red filtered torch, “Right, Jones, you and Carter take the northern route, the rest of us will walk around this ledge in the south and climb there. I don’t expect we can stay hidden for long, but the closer we can get the package,” he glanced at me “to the target, the better. After that, maximum violence until the job is done.”

We nodded.

This ends tonight.



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