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Space for Rent: Writing and the Cultural Lens

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As I write this post, I come to realize that this little Friday spot has become synonymous with commentary, media criticism and general social awareness that is, at best, tangential to the whole “writer’s blog/book blog” theme.

And I’m okay with that.

Hence the title: Space for Rent.

As part of the process I will  focus on different schools of literary criticism/analysis and how they relate to media/society in general and books/writers in particular. This will not be a PhD. level discussion. I doubt it will rise to a 20o level boring college afternoon lecture, but I’m going to give it the proverbial “go” just the same. After all, we define and are defined by our paradigms in which we live in. Each one is a lens (hence the second part of the title) or filter through which we consciously/unconsciously assimilate information from the world around us. Many media formats also use their own set of “lenses” to shape their message.

The real reason for the particular post is to introduces a series of caveats:

  • Each lens is useful: Each one has its own strength and weaknesses that we must recognize.
  • Each lens narrows the focus: Like a microscope a certain school of thought will narrow the focus on a particular set of ideas, but at the expense of the larger whole.
  • The lens can be cracked/smudged: There is always a possibility that you see things that are not there or distorted beyond recognition.

For the purpose of this and upcoming post I will use the terms lens, school and paradigm as synonyms. They are not exactly the same, but they convey the idea of a structure or a “mental space” if you will, with a given set of boundaries and tools for analysis.

That is all for now. 😉


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