My Father Did Not Raise a Misogynist

Tweet of the Day: A Short-Attention-Span Culture


Hello there, my name is Mr. Imperfect.

Nice to meet you.

Yes this is one of those post where I talk about a social issue, vaguely connected too (yet totally a part of) media, be it games, movies or books. The media or medium I will talk about today is the Internet. In recent days it came to my attention that this video (which you might have seen mentioned in this site before)…

…received a storm of negative, bigoted and repulsive comments not to mention attempts to hack the author’s wiki with explicit images. As I perused these comments I realized one thing, they had the faint stench of stale urine known as fear about them. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of idiots felt threatened by the mere discussion of tropes in video games and have engaged in on-line bullying to stop it. This goes way beyond mere criticism as their is a clear attempt to shoot down the project before it even begins. These comments were directed at a video announcing the project, as if the very idea of delving into this would bring down all of gamedom.


This is not manly behavior. This is not how MEN should behave. Cowards behave this way. No man I know worthy of the his name, or his father’s name, behaves in this manner. And my father did not raise me to be a self-loathing troll either.

Hence the title.

Now I want to contribute more to it than ever, as did a lot of people. Now I know that this is necessary.

He who stands for himself is courageous, he who stands for the other is braver than most.



6 comments on “My Father Did Not Raise a Misogynist

  1. Very nice post mate. Very nice.


  2. Thank you for this post, Ralfast. Means a lot to me. Women and men need to stand together on this.


  3. I’m not really surprised at the backlash. There was already a sizeable one for her video on Bayonetta, and she’s regularly called “that bitch” on various forums. The petulant man-children out there just can’t deal with anyone questioning their privilege; any attempts to engage them in issues of racism, classism, homophobia or sexism leads to aggressively negative reactions. Especially when a woman tries to explain, because how dare she!

    See: http://yuki-onna.livejournal.com/675153.html

    and the gigantic wave of comments/reactions that followed.


    • Which is why we must support projects like this and why gamers should rebuff the idiots among them. Reminds me a lot of the backlash against the Retake ME3 movements, which in turn emulated a lot of the language used against the Occupy movement (almost word for word in many cases). It is as if some people are afraid that if they complain or point out inequality or injustice, the powers that be will take their toys away when they fail to realize that THEY are the consumers, wealth creators and citizens.


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