Space for Rent: The Wheels Came of the Trolley

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This is a venting post. You know the type. The frustrated writer complains to the world that he can not write. If you were expecting a few updates on this blog, say Tuesday to Thursday, well….

I was all set up for the latest installment of of Wizards’ World War. One of the key characters is about to make the speech of a lifetime, or at least that was the plan. I sat in front the computer, juts like I’m doing RIGHT NOW annnnnnnnd….nothing. I could not pull the trigger. Fine, I take break, come back. Nada. Maybe wonder through interwebs for a little and then come back. Nothing. Fine, I’ll write in on Word annnnnd…zilch!


I could blame the heat. Yeah, I could that. But the AC cranked up to max right about now, the keyboard seems to be working fine and my fingers are alright.



Sometimes you do need a mental break. And I have to admit I have dozen ideas in my head right now. A multiple chapter fic, my current WiP and two serials. The plan was to finish the current serials, take the rest of the summer off, serial wise, with a story here or some other stuff there and concentrate on the other two projects.


Running theme, eh? Or maybe running with or from or something. Run-on sentences. Fragments even. Comma abuse.

Do you see what’s going on here?

I’ll just have to call this week a bust. Some weeks are good, like last week and some not so good. Maybe is closing anxiety. Perhaps, which another way of saying maybe, its the fear that whatever I finally put on the screen just won’t be good enough. Not only that, once this particular dispatch is posted, the veritable end of Season 2 is nigh. I feel like Moses, got a nice of view of the Promise Land, but they ran out of tickets before the opening day.

Note to self: avoid meaningless metaphors.

I’m calling the week a net loss.

Screw it!

Reload, rethink, re-imagine!

Till then, patience my friends, for this is the place where the stories never end.



2 comments on “Space for Rent: The Wheels Came of the Trolley

  1. We’ve all been there! But a difficult, unproductive week doesn’t mean it was a bust. I often find that my best days come after my worst. Whatever was stuck in the subconscious is finally able to come out after all the brewing.

    Good luck!


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