Space for Rent: Falling in Love with a Character

Tweet of the Day: Characters Don’t Speak Your Lingo


I’m in love with Gwendolyn Mac Lir.

I know, a bit creepy considering she is a fictional character of my own creation. But she is strong, knowns right from wrong, does things her way and kicks ass with The Sword of Legend (or a reasonable facsimile) . Oh, and didn’t I mention she is smart too? Mind you, she doesn’t have all the answers, but in a world gone insane in the membrane she is the right gal to have by your side. I also liked how her relationship with Owen developed. I still don’t known where that is going or even if (gasp!) it will survive.

And she is Welsh. I can only imagine her accent and well….

Yes, this is totally inane, but in a good way. It means I’m into the story and that is the best position for any writer to be in. In love with your characters, in love with your story and hungry for more. It does mean that when it comes time for inevitable separation, it will be difficult, but worth it. Because you created something you can be proud off.

And one thing I know about Gwen Mac Lir, she can stand on her own.



2 comments on “Space for Rent: Falling in Love with a Character

  1. I’ve never had a character I’ve fallen in love with. I’ve had an intense need to finish stories. I guess I fell in love with the story in that case.


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