Wizards’ World War (s.2) Dispatch 21: Longbow

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HVM Starstreak Unit 1, 457 th Battery, 106th Regiment Royal Artillery (Territorial Army), Offa’s Dyke, Welsh Marshes, 4 august, 0:935 hrs GMT

The pair of soldiers manned the missile launcher underneath the camouflage net.  One peered through the missile director at the western horizon, while the other rested on his back chewing a rare bacon sandwich.

“Yooou wannt one, Davie?” asked the soldier resting at the bottom of the ditch.

“No, I don’t bloody want one, Earl. And keep your voice down, were supposed to be quite and on duty,” said the other.

“Suit yourself,” said Earl. He retrieved another sandwich from his pack. “Before you ask-”

“I didn’t.”

“I got them in Owestry. Nice lady at the local bakery just gave them to me. Sure was happy to see men in uniform, I wager. Must be terrible with all them winged beasties flying about and what they did to London…” he gulped down another bite, “the bastards.”

“Shut it, Earl,” said David.

“Are you going to pull rank on me Corporal?”

“Maybe I should, if it would keep you quite. I bet you told the nice lady with the sandwiches all about what we are doing here, right?”

“Don’t be an arse Davie. I’m not stupid, you know. Loose lips sink ships and all of that, although we are Army so that doesn’t really apply…but still.”

A distant voice came from the helmet a few meters away from Earl’s feet. He picked it up and keyed the radio mike.

“Incoming hostiles on our position, zero seven delta heading east at cruise speed,” Earl scrambled to his feet and removed the the net. He tapped David on the shoulder who nodded. “Alpha-one, bird affirm.”

David yelled, “Tally, contacts across my field of fire left to right, eye-dee zero seven delta. Weapons free. Bird away!”

Earl followed the missiles downrange through his binoculars. He counted the seconds to impact. Two dragons fell in flames from the skies. The other turned into the direction of the attack. David locked on the nearest threat and fired a second missile. The beast barrel rolled and avoided the impact.


Earl saw the dragon’s maw open. He grabbed David by the collar and dragged him away from the missile’s sight. They dove behind a moss covered rock. Dragon’s breath scorched the abandoned position. Seconds later the last missile cooked off in the launcher. The sound of missile and rocket fire filled the air above their heads. Several Apache helicopters flew by. He peeked over the rock and saw several pyres burn around them, eight in all.

“Well, that’s another one you owe me Davie,” Earl said with a grin plastered on his face.

David looked eyes followed the contours of Offa’s Dyke northward to where Unit 2 laid. Smoke rose from the position.

“Shut up Earl,” said David.


4 comments on “Wizards’ World War (s.2) Dispatch 21: Longbow

  1. Well said. Another thing is to allow the reader to discover things along with the protagonist. There’s no reason to dump everything all at once.


  2. Oops. Yes, I did.

    Really like your segment here, too. The dialogue between the two is really good.


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