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Space for Rent: Tropes vs. Women in Video Games

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Caveat, I am not asking for money.

I don’t need any money.

Okay, I do need it, but I’m not asking, nor receiving.

Nor am I associated with the site below, but I think it is a cool idea whose time has come.

I’m talking about Tropes vs. Women in Video Games. I’ll let the woman behind the project explain:

As a gamer, a pop culture critic and a fan, I’m always working to balance my enjoyment of media while simultaneously being critical of problematic gender representations. With my video web series Feminist Frequency,  I look at the way women are portrayed in mass media and the impact they have on our culture and society.


With your help, I’ll produce a 5-video series (now expanded to 11 videos) entitled Tropes vs Women in Video Games, exploring female character stereotypes throughout the history of the gaming industry.  This ambitious project will primarily focus on these reoccurring tropes:

  • Damsel in Distress
  • The Fighting F#@k Toy
  • The Sexy Sidekick
  • The Sexy Villainess
  • Background Decoration

Cool, no? I don’t always agree with the premises presented in Feminist Frequency, but I do agree that these issues need to be brought to light and discussed. How else are we going to learn if we do not confront?  It’s good for the industry and for gamers. So keep an eye on this, I think it will be very interesting indeed.


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