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TV Tropes Monday: Eldritch Abominations

Tweet of the Day: Into the Gothic World of the Monk


They come from realms beyond comprehension….

Things man was not meant to see…..

Abominations that oozed non-Euclidean geometries….

Madness incarnate…..

Destroyers of worlds…..

Enter the Eldrich Abomination, exit Sanity….

These things, for a lack of a better word (although you may no lack words after you see them, just words that make any sense what so ever), are evil incarnate, except that such mundanes concepts such as good or evil rarely if ever apply. They also lack any semblance of good syntax.  In short, which in itself is absurd since they defy all measurements, they are of, from and breathing Chaos. Whatever they were, are or will be is not good for us. Worst of all….

…they don’t care.

We are ants in their dark garden, to be ignored at best.

While, as the tropes page points out, Lovecraft made these gibbering monstrosities popular, they are, literally as old as time itself. Just scroll down to the Mythology and Religion link. It starts with the Judeo-Christian God, yes the G-Man and goes down from there. It may well be part of every mythic cycle, from Nothing to Everything, with the earlier iterations (such as the Chaos) giving birth to Chthonic beings which were personifications of basic natural concepts such as Sky or Earth and either supplanted or conquered by more refined entities who in turn, while still wild were more human like and represented the forces of nature either harnessed for or coexisting with more advanced concepts of civilization such as Love, Justice or the State.

Yet the lure of the older beings, the true originators, remain and part of that fascination is that they embody forces that we know exists but still can not comprehend (at least fully) such as the powers that create or destroy universes or what lays beyond our physical/scientific understanding of existence. That is why today, in spite or our scientific knowledge, and perhaps because of it, Eldritch Abominations surface in all manner of spec fiction as embodiments of Chaos versus Order or as a way to put humanity in perspective against the background of a truly titanic and ancient universe.


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