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TV Tropes Monday: Archnemesis Dad

Tweet of the Day: The Wolf and the Songbird


Dear old dad is the best in the world, most of the time, but not in this case. In fact when you think of dear old that, the first thing you chuck is the dear part and probably attach the word bastard to the old part.

No “Father of the Year” award for this progenitor. Not only that, daddy is the main character primary rival (hence the archnemesis bit) which means beating him will probably invoke one part rebellious child, two parts unlearning what you have learned and at least a pinch of taking a level in badass, just because he has been there before, seen what you can do, and probably is prepared for it.

Mind you, this doesn’t necessarily make the character in question the hero, this is about rivalry after all. It does make the character more likely to team up with others to take down the parental unit (perhaps with extreme prejudice) and will be done with a maximum amount of angst as befits any ready made Freudian Excuse. Taken up to eleven if dad is a manipulative bastard to boot.

In other words: Instant Drama add Daddy Issues.


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