For the Love of Poe

Portrait of Edgar Allan Poeby ~Rudeone
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Portrait of Edgar Allan Poe

Tweet of the Day: Illustrations that made Edgar Allan Poe’s stories even more horrifying


Long time readers of this blog know a few things about me including that I do not like horror yet I am a devoted fan of Edgar Allan Poe. How can I be a fan of Poe, the man that exemplifies the school of American Gothic Horror, yet not like horror stories? It is not for the shills and thrills that I read Poe. No, Poe’s stories entice me at a completely different level. First, it is his use of language, sharp, precise, condense. Exact words bring the very spirit of the narrative to life the way no other author before or since. It is what these words bring to life that fascinates me so.

And what is that, you ask?

The characters inner worlds: Montresor need for revenge, the care takers need for release from the old man’s stare, the utter desperation that lies at the bottom of the Pit, the loneliness of the poet in his studio and mad revelry of the party goers who desperately try to keep at bay the ultimate equalizer.

I identified with the madness within even as I am repulsed by it. That is what makes Poe special and horrifying in his own way.  For he exposes not the danger from without, such as an alien invasion or a zombie horde, but the demons from within. The demons we keep at bay with a thin sheet of morality and self-righteousness. A reminder that you can run away from anything except yourself.

Hence my fascination with Poe.

Any author that can pull off that kind of psychological immersion is worthy of the praise, don’t you think?



6 comments on “For the Love of Poe

  1. I’ve only read one of his poems. That one with the raven and ‘nevermore’. I am big ashamed I have not exposed myself to his poetry. What are your favorite Edgar Allan Poe poems?


    • I am not a big reader of his poetry. I have delved into his short stories, which he is a master of the form. A Tell Tale Heart and A Cask of Amontillado are my favorites.


  2. Poe has been my favorite author since I was in 6th grade! Long winded at times, but very, VERY effective. 🙂

    My favorite is The Devil in the Belfry.


  3. ah, Poe. Genius. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I’m rather fond of Ligeia.

    For another writer great at digging dip within the psychology of twisted characters, I’d nomiante Shirley Jackson. “Haunting of Hill House” and “We’ve Always Lived in the Castle”.


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