Mass Effect 3: The Last


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After three games and hundreds of hours of game play, I arrived at the end of the Mass Effect trilogy and found myself….




So I did the one thing I hate to do when it comes to fan fiction, write a fix fic, that is a piece of fan fiction that “fixes” something wrong in the original story. And boy does the ending of Mass Effect needs fixing. But there are also lessons to be learn about story creation from this failed epic. Yes, it is an epic, no doubt about it, but a failed one. So as the rabid fan that I am, I rejected BioWare’s virtual reality and created my own.



Commander Shepard, Hero of the Citadel, finds himself, wounded and alone in the Citadel Control Room as the fleet he gathered to fight the Reapers, an ancient race of cybernetic creatures, fight for the survival of all life in the galaxy…..


I pressed the button on the console, but nothing happened. Hackett screamed in my ear. I had nothing for him except painful grunts. The universe turned black.

“Shepard, wake up,” said a child like voice.

“Where am I?” I asked.

A projection of some sort stood before me.

It looked like the kid in Vancouver, the one playing with the fighter model, the one that died….

“Shepard, wake up,” it repeated.

“Who are you, what are you?”

“I am a remnant, a fraction,” it said.

“I don’t…” pain ripped away my strength, “I don’t have time for games; show yourself, whatever you are.”

The projection changed into an alien form with large triple set of dark eyes similar to the Keepers.

“I am The Last. There is little time, the Reapers know you are here,” it said.

Hackett called over the radio, “The Reapers are disengaging  from the battle and are heading for the Citadel. Whatever you did spooked them.”

“Your Admiral is right. The Reapers are afraid, that’s what motivates them,” said the construct. Around us Keepers worked on panels.

“What do you mean?”

“We were the first sapient life in the galaxy. We explored, we colonized, we created. The Mass Relays are our legacy. But we could not conquer death. We set about uplifting new species so that they would take our place in the galaxy. But some of us chose another path, Singularity. They merged with machines to become something different, immortal. They went on their path while we continued ours. Peace lasted for centuries. We worked among the younger species preparing them for ascension.”

“What happen next?” I asked. After all this time, I had to know. There had to be reason behind all this death and destruction.

“Without warning, they attacked us. They knew our weaknesses, infiltrated our defenses, and turned us against each…othe…”

“What’s wrong?”

“They are hacking the Citadel systems. We…have…time. I am the Last. The cycle started with us. They used us, our technology and our knowledge to set up the trap for every new generation. They need you, for they are stale. Perfection comes at a price…no evolution…technology…science…reproduction…a parasite on the galaxy,” said the projection.

A new image appeared, Harbinger.

“Shepard, we know what you are doing. The Catalyst will not work. Even now we come for you. Surrender you essence to us. We will uplift you, we will preserve you for all time,” said Harbinger.

“Do not listen…of all our children you have…the farthest…we hid…the Citadel systems…dispersed…We knew…Reapers would discover us…helped the Protheans…changed Keepers…activate waveform….”

“It can not help you Shepard. It is a memory, an illusion. We are the vanguard of your existence. Billions of voices united in thought. We are Order. We are Life.”

A panel glowed before me. I dragged myself a few more steps. The Citadel shuddered under my feet.

“Remember us…” said a disembodied voice. “Remember those who came before…make…sacrifice…worth…”

“Silence!” screamed Harbinger.

“You are scared, aren’t you?” I said. My lungs burned with each breath. I’ve been here before. Nothing but a long sleep awaited me. I wasn’t scared but it was. They were scared to face what the they had inflicted upon untold trillions.

No more! For Thane, for Mordin, for all those who came before and those who are to come. NO MORE!

I looked at it, “I told you we would find a way.” I pressed the button, “Go to hell!”

A bright light engulfed me and then I fell in the embrace of my old friend, darkness.


A massive pulse of energy erupted from the Citadel. The waveform crashed against the approaching Reapers. Great electric storms arced across the surface of each machine.  Then they drifted along their vectors. On board SSV Kilimanjaro, Admiral Hackett ordered a status report.

His sensor officer replied, “Minimal heat signatures from the enemy. Kinetic barriers down.”

“All ships, this is Admiral Hackett, target the nearest Reaper and hit it with everything we got!” said Hackett over the fleet comm.

The combined firepower tore apart the target. The fleet shifted to a second and then a third as more survivors joined the fray. The Reapers stirred but without their barriers they were easy prey for the allies. One made a run at the Destiny Ascension only to be ripped to shreds by a massive broadside from Kwunu‘s Thanix cannons. 

The surviving Reapers jumped toward the Charon relay.

But the relay laid cold.

The fleet followed and now had perfect alignment to fire at the Reapers vulnerable underbellies.  The last of the invaders fell to  three well aimed shots from the Destiny Ascension and her sister’s ships, Pride of the Matriarchy and Dawn of the Republics.  As the slugs detonated the enemies mass effect core the Ascension‘s commander yelled over the comm, “That’s for Thessia you cybernetic sons of bitches!”

The Battle of Earth was over.

The battle to retake the galaxy had just begun.


The story continues in: AftermathMemoriesA New Cycle


14 comments on “Mass Effect 3: The Last

  1. Talk about a front row seat, and an up close and personal experience–Cheers!


  2. I wanted to read this, but I’m afraid of spoilers .


    • Normally I would say, “Sure don’t get spoiled” but considering how angry I am at how BioWare did the whole thing, lets just say that you are not missing much. Truth is that the game, while fun, it’s broken. 😦


  3. I’ve never played the game, but I enjoy your story of it.


  4. I so far approve of this new ending. Good job!


  5. Okay, so in your version are the mass relays salvageable afterwards? That was the bit that stunk in the original.
    And I like the fact that the Keepers in the end are the secret to it all. Maybe the Catalyst should have been the keeper in the final scene, the one you can actually walk through, lol (Which was one of the main reasons I felt it was a dream)


    • Well, in my version the Mass Relays are never destroyed. They suffer no damage what so ever. The Catalyst merely strips the Reapers in the Sol system of their powerful kinetic barriers, thus making them vulnerable to the Victory fleet weapons. The Charon relay is cold since the relay network is controlled from the Citadel. As for the other Reapers across the galaxy, they go to ground. Inf act the Battle for Earth is not the end of the war, just the turning point.


  6. OK. Question re this bit. “Shepard, we know what you are doing. The Catalyst will not work. Even know we come for you. Surrender your essence to us. We will uplift you, we will preserve you for all time,” said Harbinger.

    Do you mean the Crucible or the Catalyst here? I understood that the Catalyst was what was missing and had to be added at the end and it was the Crucible that was going to destroy the Reapers.

    In effect, by setting off whatever he did, isn’t Shepard the Catalyst? (Mind you a true definition of Catalyst is something that sparks off a reaction but is unchanged by the reaction. Therefore, he shouldn’t die – unless you want to argue that he was already dead.

    Perhaps I should play this extension. How long does it take?


    • The Catalyst in the case is The Last of the First Race (the A.I. that Shepard is talking too) together with the Crucible they turn the tide against the Reapers. And well, you should read the rest of the series too see what happens to Shepard and the galaxy. The links are on top, starting with Aftermath.

      As for playing this extension, what do you mean by that?


    • Sorry, I meant Extended Cut. I’m assuming it’s a download.


    • Oh that. Yes it is a 1.9 gigabyte download. I haven’t yet downloaded it myself. I don’t think I will, at least for now.


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